Cadillac CTS Convertible

Cadillac CTS Convertible
Cadillac CTS Convertible
Cadillac CTS Convertible
 Cadillac CTS Convertible
 Cadillac may offer the CTS in three different body styles, but last we checked, a soft-top convertible isn't in the works. Fortunately for those hankering for a Caddy with a chopped-off top, Drop Top Customs is already working on building such a creation for the 2010 SEMA show.
DTC isn't a stranger to either custom convertibles or the SEMA show. Founded nearly three decades ago, the company has converted all sorts of production hardtops into fully functional convertibles. DTC received plenty of attention at SEMA two years back, when it helped craft a convertible Challenger that won a design award from Chrysler. Another creation, a Chevrolet Camaro convertible, also received plenty of attention at last year's show.
Drop Top Customs Cadillac Cts Coupe Convertible Rendering Side
Presently, DTC offers a convertible version of the four-door CTS, but for this year's SEMA show, it's working on crafting a ragtop CTS coupe. CEO Jeff Moran tells us he thinks the rakish roofline of the coupe will work much better as a drop top. If the completed conversion holds true to DTC's renderings, we'll agree.
Moran says he expects to receive a stock CTS coupe "any day now," and doesn't expect the build process to take very long. If all goes according to plan, DTC expects to offer two-door CTS convertibles to customers starting this fall.

Cadillac CTS Convertible
 Cadillac CTS Convertible
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