Nissan 370Z rebaixado rodas BBS

Nissan 370Z rebaixado rodas BBS
Nissan 370Z rebaixado rodas BBS
A vocação esportiva e jovial do Nissan 370Z ficou ainda mais pronunciada com algumas alterações no bólido japônes.
Entre as principais alterações no Nissan 370Z, está o leve rebaixamento de sua suspensão aliado ao seu novo jogo de rodas BBS aro 20.

Alfa Romeo Sports Cars Concept Executive Fastback Saloon for 2012

Introducing 2017 Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Saloon. Fancy name for a fancy looking car. Designed by Jacob McMurry, this is his version of Alpha Romeo in 2017 which would compliment Alpa Romeo’s return to the North American market. Jacob drew inspiration for this model from the Carnival of Venice and from the 2900B Type 35 racers of the 1930’s.
Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Saloon for 2017
This Alfa Romeo concept car, which has been designed before the Fiat/Chrysler partnership, inspires comfort, luxury and elegance. Also, thanks to its boat-like tail end, it could well be compared to a small yacht, although in the end it’s only a car…an interesting one, to say the least.
The 2017 Alfa Romeo Executive Fastback Saloon is a concept car designed by Jacob McMurry, a graduate of Art Center College of Design. The design of this elegant vehicle is inspired from the Carnival of Venice and if you’ve been there, you know what we mean.
The vehicle’s roof is made entirely out of smart glass panels, that have the ability to turn completely transparent or opaque. The car benefits from a diesel V8 engine that sends the power to the rear wheels, or an optional biodiesel engine.

Mild Updates for 2011MY Nissan Note in Europe

The British built Nissan Note enters the 2011 model year with a few subtle trim and equipment upgrades, plus tweaked 1.4 and 1.6-litre petrol engines that now comply with the latest Euro V emissions regulations.

From the outside, the tall supermini receives some styling enhancements in the form of silver painted door handles and tailgate trim, plus gloss black B and C-pillars for the Acenta and Teckna grades. The 'n-tec' version gets a new front spoiler finisher and front entry guards. The addition of two new metallic colors, Magnetic Red and Grey, round off the exterior changes on the Note.

For the 2011MY, all variants of the Note are fitted with standard ESP. Furthermore, the Acenta versions benefit from a new audio system with USB and iPod slots, while the n-tec models get standard climate control, auto lighting and auto wiper systems. Finally, Nissan's previously optional Intelligent Key is now standard on the top-spec Tekna's equipment list.

The Batmobile is the automobile of DC Comics superhero Batman

Not so. How about movies with cars? That fits. Cars are so ingrained into American culture that they have become a sticking point in movies as well. So much that there have cars that have debuted in recent films. What are some of the more popular cars that have appeared in movies? Or, what are the more recognizable vehicles from movies?

Flashback to the early versions of the James Bond films, when Sean Connery played Bond, and many moviegoers remember his incredible car. The Aston Martin DB 5. It was riddled with all kinds of different gadgets to help him defeat his enemies. Now, flashback again to the 1960's, when rock star Elvis Presley ruled the airwaves. Not only was he popular in the music industry, he was also a movie star. In almost all of Presley's movies his 1955 pink Cadillac Fleetwood was featured in plenty of shots. That was the only car he kept until he passed away.


One of the most famous vehicles in all of TV and movies was the Batmobile. Owned and driven by Batman, it is one of the most popular vehicles in cinematic history. Many kids growing up had Batmobile hot wheels, replica toys and sometimes even a homemade Batmobile out of a wagon. The Batmobile has evolved over the years from the comics to the movies and has been redesigned when new Batman movies are released. Many replicas of the Batmobile are on display at theme parks across America to market the Batman ride.

Another famous car from the movie industry was named "Bullit" from the movie "Bullit." The car was driven by Steve McQueen in one of the longest car chase scenes in movie history. The car was a Mustang Fastback and it instantly became one of the most popular makes and models in the automobile industry overnight. Fast cars were also made famous and popular in other movies from the '60s and '70s such as "Italian Job," "Gone in 60 Seconds," and "Grand Prix." Movies in the modern era that feature fast cars are "Minority Report," "The Fast and Furious," and "I, Robot." All of these movies prominently feature fast paced cars that Americans have grown to become fixated with.

The movie industry has helped the automobile industry grow throughout history. Some of the most famous scenes in film have happened in cars. Car chases have always been a popular part of the movies. They can be serious or comical, like the one in the movie "The Blues Brothers." Probably one of the most comical movie scenes involving a car is from the movie Naked Gun. Actors O.J. Simpson and Leslie Nielsen, two of the cops in the movie, get stuck in their squad car when parked at a weird angle.

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