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Press Release:

A powerful innovation
The Exclusive Audi tuner from Germany, PPI Automotive Design GmbH, presents the PPI Bi-CENTRIFUGAL SUPERCHARGER (B-CS), specifically designed for long-term and daily use in the Audi R8 V8 model with manual transmission. PPI already was the first and only company to combine a centrifugal supercharger with the R8 V8 4.2 FSI motor in 2009, and now they offer an innovative and completely unique Bi-Centrifugal Supercharging system, once again, tearing away from the competition and boosting the car into the stratosphere where few supercars enter. This dual system modification is sure to fit the requirements of the discerning driving enthusiast and finally satisfies the expectations from a sports car like the Audi R8 with the much needed power increase. Performance and power only PPI Automotive Design GmbH can deliver.
More than 4 years have been spent in development with technology partner NOVIDEM AG in creating the unique B-CS system for the Audi R8. This no-expense spared solution includes extensive modifications. The B-CS system is driven by a Magnetic clutch with an integrated autonomous oil lubrication system. In addition, compressed air leaving the supercharger is further cooled with the use of a separate charge-cooling system that uses its own radiators to cool the air before it enters the motor. In a high output engine, such as that found in the Audi R8, this produces a significant advantage over other “charging” systems currently on the market.
Because the Centrifugal Supercharger uses very few moving parts, reliability is greatly improved. In addition to its simplicity, this system produces very little heat because of its internal compression ratio and is currently the most thermally efficient supercharger. Unlike other charging systems, the PPI B-CS system is mounted on the sides of the engine compartment and is isolated from the engine, eliminating the normally resulting “heat soak”. This placement does not increase engine temperature, nor does it allow the engine’s heat to enter the charger thereby further increasing the efficiency of the supercharging system.
Summary of Features and Modifications:
Engine Modification – Stronger racing-derived internal components are at the core of the PPI system and Includes: up-rated pistons, rings, connecting rods, bearings, and improved valvetrain. Compression ratio of 9.2:1.
Manual Transmission Modification – Strengthened 1st and 2nd gears and longer ratio final gear for achieving higher terminal speed. *note: currently only available for manual vehicles.
ECU Mapping – extensive re-mapping of the ECU software using our own binary, extensive road and dyno test cycles, with acceleration and deceleration tests for drivability smoothness and ECU fuel management. PPI is able to further adapt the system to specific fuel types of different regions to ensure perfect functionality and optimization of the Supercharging system.
Sport Exhaust – PPI Dual Inlet Sport Exhaust specifically designed and optimized to work with our Supercharging System, The sport exhaust develops greatly reduced backpressure resulting in even greater power and melodic sound for unsurpassed pure driving pleasure.
Centrifugal Supercharger – Two R48 Bi-Centrifugal Superchargers with Magnetic coupling.
Chargecooling – independently cooled water-to-air heat exchanger. System is isolated from the engine’s cooling system.
Magnetic Clutch and autonomous oil lubrication system – The magnetic clutch allows the system to properly and smoothly engage when needed. It has an independent controller that does not allow the system to engage unless the engine is at optimal temperature. In addition, the comfort and transition of power is enhanced by the use of this system, i.e. There is no “bucking”, the on/off sensation felt at low speeds. This affords greater comfort when driving at low speeds and shows the dynamics and development of our system to be practical in daily driving.
Air Intake System – A special sport air filter in a Carbon Fiber air box is used to ensure optimal and cold airflow to the Supercharger. An additional power increase is seen with the PPI Roof Ram-Charged Air Intake System (currently available on the PPI RAZOR GTR, GTR-10, and GTR-800 and can be ordered separately for any Audi R8 Coupe).
In unison, these components with the aid of custom engine operating maps complement each other to provide an ideal solution to the impressive realized power increase.
Impressive performance data
  • Horsepower : 801HP (597 kW)
  • Supercharging Pressure : 0,9 bars (nominal boost pressure)
  • Torque : 860Nm (at 5910 rpm)
  • Transmission : 6-speed manual, *requires modified 1st and 2nd gear
  • Acceleration : 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.
  • Top Speed : 350 km/h *with modified final gear ratio (further high top speed achievable with additional aerodynamic aides and components)
The Bi-CENTRIFUGAL SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM can be combined with any R8 V8 with manual transmission. It is also available with the following PPI aerodynamic bodykits: R8 RAZOR, RAZOR GTR, RAZOR GTR-800.
BOLD Innovation, BREATHTAKING performance, and EXCLUSIVE production, developed and presented by PPI Automotive Design GmbH, the only tuners for Audi automobiles with a true focus on “Engineering in Style”

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