Following the Civic Hybrid and Insight are already quoted, Honda offers a hybrid product again, this time named the Honda CR-Z. Carrying the hybrid engine combined with elements of a sports car, Honda claims the CR-Z hybrid sports coupe this and began to be marketed in Japan in February. That said, the CR-Z is the result of a combination of the Honda REMIX Honda Small Hybrid Sports, two-car concept that had previously exhibited.

Honda CR-Z

CR-Z himself was first introduced as a concept car in Tokyo Auto Show event in 2007. This version also had exhibited in the event North American International Auto Show in 2008 while the revised version of events had brought to the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009. Broadly speaking, not many changes that happened between two versions of this until the production version.

Physically, the CR-Z This has similarities with the CR-X and see the name used, may be a CR-Z is a continuation of the CR-X. But in reality, the actual CR-Z is an improved version of the Honda Insight was released as a hybrid car. Honda himself never gave a confirmation of this and prefer to call this as the CR-Z stands for Compact Renaissance Zero.

Honda CR-Z

Overall, the Honda CR-Z design is indeed sporty and compact. From the side, designed as car body higher in the back with two lines scratched in a strong accent on the right and left hand doors. As a result, even at rest, the CR-Z is giving the impression as if he was speeding. Grille is designed very large grin like a Mazda.

In the kitchen runway, Honda put a combination SOHC i-VTEC engine, four-cylinder capacity of the combustion chamber with Integrated Motor Assist 1.500cc. This combination is capable of generating power at 122 horsepower at point 6.000rpm the torque of 128 lb-ft. in the range up to 1.500rpm 1.000rpm. With the combination of this engine is also the CR-Z is able to achieve efficiency point 36 to 38 miles per gallon.

Honda CR-Z

Removed with the standard version features six speakers, AM / FM / CD / USB sound system, remote keyless entry, and cruise control while the version on it (the CR-Z EX) Honda additional pinning the Bluetooth link and 360-watt subwoofer and the satellite- linked navigation system with voice recognition is given only as an option. Questions of safety features, six airbags and antilock brakes fruit obviously means that compulsory

Anomaly occurs at the Honda CR-Z. Hybird positioned as a sports car, the buyer of this car was older than originally predicted, as revealed from the sales data released by the Japanese media.

Usually sports car buyers are in the age range 20-30 years. But the CR-Z show its potential as the first sports car that can reach above 40 years of consumer interests. They are very interested in the concept hybrid sports car.

And the sales figures for this age group is very large, even reported up to ten times more than originally forecast. This indicates the enormity of the Japanese consumer support for the Green Sports Car movement.

Honda records, show the buyer the man in the age range 40 years to dominate up to 35%, while men who are in the age of 20 only 15% yearly.

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